Building a positive mind and confident character through exercise!

Balance Academy offers dynamic programs designed for kids, seamlessly integrating diverse exercise elements such as rhythmic gymnastics, dance, acrobatics, and calisthenics. By blending these varied movements, we create an enjoyable experience that establishes a robust foundation for both physical and cognitive development.

In the critical pre-golden age period (3-8 years old), children undergo remarkable neurological growth, presenting a unique window of opportunity to acquire fundamental skills and lay the groundwork for their motor abilities.

Our holistic approach at Balance Academy ensures enjoyable exercises that not only foster physical benefits but also contribute to cognitive development. Through a blend of discipline, teamwork, and individual effort, children grow in confidence, mastering new and intricate movements by overcoming challenges.

We prioritize strengthening depth perception and enhancing coordination, both vital for sharp cognitive function and sustained growth. The focus and concentration demanded in our exercises, inspired by rhythmic gymnastics principles, have been scientifically proven to enhance cognitive brain function, thereby boosting students’ overall abilities.

At Balance Academy, we firmly believe in harnessing the power of movement to unlock each child’s full potential and promote holistic growth.


Through a blend of discipline, teamwork, and individual effort, children have the opportunity to foster confidence as they learn intricate movements and conquer challenging tasks.

Spatial Awareness

Enhancing depth perception and refining coordination not only sharpen the brain but also play a crucial role in fostering continued development and improvement.

Cognitive Function

The concentration and focus cultivated through our exercises, inspired by principles of Rhythmic Gymnastics, have been scientifically demonstrated to enhance cognitive brain function, elevating students’ aptitude and capabilities.



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Improve your child’s health and fitness in a fun and easy way with unique, fun and effective exercise videos for your kids to enjoy. 

  • Access to a library of content that is available for free with new and exciting exercises and challenges for you and your kids to enjoy. 
  • Each exercise video includes unique core & coordination exercises designed specifically for kids aged 6-12.
  • Fun challenges for you to do together with your children to get them excited about exercise.

Balance Academy was created to share the passion and art of Rhythmic Gymnastics and has evolved to also provide Rhythm & Dance and Core & Coordination Training.

We believe in addition to being a positive force in increasing self-confidence, Rhythmic Gymnastics has also been associated with positive right-brain development in growing minds.

Through the practice of Rhythmic Gymnastics, students can increase their capacity for learning, and their ability to retain information.

The balance and coordination used in the practice of rhythmic gymnastics have been known to improve a student’s learning comprehension, leading to long term memory improvement.

As students progress, they are learning, growing, and of course, having fun along the way. Balance Academy provides a variety of activities, programs and competitions suitable for all ages & abilities.


Erika Kurokawa - Founder & Lead Instructor

Erika began practicing and competing competitively in Rhythmic Gymnastics over 20 years ago. Rhythmic Gymnastics significantly shaped her life, helped her channel her competitive spirit, and learn discipline.

Over ten years ago, she chose to share both her passion and expertise with others and became a teacher.  In 2014, she started Balance Academy with the vision to help others gain the confidence she has gained through Rhythmic Gymnastics.

Erika is certified by the Gifu gymnastics Association, and has taught in Japan, Singapore and Canada


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