When it comes to being the parent of a rhythmic gymnast, we know that you’re the major support for your child’s well-being. After all, you’re their cheerleader, coach, support network, taxi driver, costumer, scheduler, and general organization maven.  

Your support of the art and dance that rhythmic gymnastics involves is legendary, and you make all of the difference to the happy training of your child. 

Mothers of rhythmic gymnasts, we salute you! 

Your Car is Your Mobile Salon, Diner, & Prep Station

In a dream world, everything is within a five-minute walk and you can effortlessly deliver your child from school to home to the rhythmic gymnastics class, with time for a snack and the perfect hairdo in between.  

Unfortunately, we don’t live in that dream world. (If you do, tell us how you do it, please!)

Instead, you find that you’re driving your kid from school straight to the gym, ensuring they get a delicious and wholesome snack, while perfecting their hair bun and styling in the vehicle as you go. And you STILL manage to make it just in time. 

Your Home is Now A Gym, Studio, & Performance Space

These days you don’t even think twice about coming home to the sound of clubs hitting the wall. Or your child backflipping out of a room because walking just hasn’t occurred to her. In fact, your house has now become a rhythmic gymnasts dream, with equipment everywhere and a child calmly watching TV while doing the splits.

Now you’ve become the at home judge who gets to admire the new elements before they’re unleashed on the world, and that special choreography she’s invented for herself. In fact, even the dog has learned he’s about to be a dancing partner when that certain special song comes on. 

You Know that Not All Leotards Are Created Equal

Once upon a time, many moons ago, you thought that leotards were a simple outfit that had a limited range of styles and appearances.  

Not so anymore.

Now you know that when it gets into competition season, you’re going to have to work out the perfect color, style, and cut off the perfect leotard to complete the miracle of your rhythmic gymnast’s show.

You’ve stopped caring how much a leotard costs, and instead now live in a world of sliding scales where leos now cost more than most items of your own clothing. 

You’re Used to Hearing “Mommy, Can’t YOU Do that?”

Every time she masters a new move, you know that the question is coming. And you’re probably going to have to explain more times than you’d care to that no, you do not have a body composed of muscle, and you’re not likely to be able to tie your body effortlessly in a pretzel shape.  

Your new tagline should probably be, “I could if I practiced as much as you.” 

You Know What It Is To Support Your Child’s Dreams

In spite of all the hard work and effort, the early morning trainings and the amount of time you spend driving and looking after your rhythmic gymnast, you know what it looks like to see your child lit up from the inside.   

You know that your continuing support makes it all worthwhile for your child, and to see her perform and enjoy being truly free is worth all of the extra effort.

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